In Short: Monday’s Curated Tech — 04.19.10

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The train that never stops at a station

The train that never stops at a stationExcellent concept, watch the video on You Tube here.

Why Google can’t out-open Facebook with XAuth – Why should Google be so worried about Facebook? It really boils down to an obvious truth. Facebook is about people, and Google is about the algorithm.

Adobe CEO: Flash coming to Android, WebOS and BlackBerry ‘smartphones and tablets’ in 2H 2010The blog of Adobe’s Lee Brimelow gives us a likely reason for the delay: Flash Player 10.1 for Android has just entered private beta, as has AIR 2.0, with public betas on the way.

Making AJAX Applications CrawlableGoogle code always has interesting information, this one’s great for Ajax developers.

Facebook will this week launch ads based on user’s browser historyUseful hint as to what we might be hearing about at the f8 conference.

Google’s unorthodox press release raises questions – Google’s short statement wasn’t the only surprise on Thursday. Eric Schmidt, its chief executive, did not appear on the conference call with media and analysts, disappointing those looking for guidance from the top.

Innovation in emerging markets: The world turned upside downCheap hands rivals rich countries in innovation.

Chatroulette Founder: All Your Chats Are Belong To MeFounder Andey wants his users to stay and chat on his app, rather than taking it to Facebook.  Read more on what this boy genius is going to do with all the VC money he’s raised.

Twitter’s “Public Interest Graph”John Battelle’s thoughts on f8, and the very powerful Google Concept – the public interest graph.

Bonus .. (Updated 12:52 / 24 hr display +5 GMT)

XAuth: The Open Web Fires a Shot Against Facebook Connect – this is like facebook connect but for every other social network.  Twitter and Facebook opt out of the consortium of companies including Google, Meebo, MySpace, and Yahoo.

The truth about Mac malware. It’s a joke – I have a new hobby. It’s slightly geeky but it shouldn’t take up too much of my time I have discovered. I like to catalogue Apple Mac malware.

2007 TechCrunch 40: Where Are They Now?Cool info-graphic with stats on the Original Techcrunch 40 Startups.  Some included: Mint; Flock; Zobni; DocStoc.

A Recap Of Chirp — Twitter’s First Developer Conference

By now everyone in the twitter ecosystem has heard about @Chirp , the first developer conference of it’s kind in Twitter’s history.  If you’re looking to catch up with what’s going on  you can watch the conference on Justin Tv here.

Here’s a screen of the backchannel; is that the first reference to promoted tweets anyone has seen?


We’ve all heard of the speakers in some form or the other, but let’s quickly focus on @JohnBattelle and @RSarver ; only because the information and how they related to the ecosystem interested me the most.

Battelle says the first tweet ever was by @Jack – “I’m setting up Twitter”, and has been consulting twitter on an ongoing basis; he keeps asking the company a very important question: “What’s your business model?” With and ad platform coming we see glimmers of hope for the young company, but only if they get it right this time.   Facebook has.

Of course the skeptics have their own voice, and others like @Loic have already taken measures to ensure their growth and survival.  @scobleizer talks about this directly over on his blog.

If you talk with Loic Le Meur, CEO of Seesmic, he tells a story of feeling squeezed, just like a batch of carbon. Squeezed by the press, like Techcrunch, who said that Le Meur is in denial of the storm brewing over the Twitter ecosystem after Twitter announced it will compete with the client partners it so famously enabled..

Update:  Interestingly in a newer post  “Developers: how will we all get along with Twitter’s annotation feature?” he goes on to tell us what he’s learned.

The most important speaker to listen to for developers was Ryan Sarver, he certainly gave us alot to think about as he confidently spoke on the future of the Twitter API.

Watch live video from Twitter Chirp Conference on

Key Notes on Ryan Sarver’s presentation:

  • 100,000 applications now registered with Twitter.
  • Meta Data and Annotations:  Which by far is the most interesting aspect of Ryan’s presentation.  What’s exciting is you can annotate and add any arbitrary meta-data to every tweet that comes into the system; this new feature has it’s downside, read what the fuss is all about.
  • The success of Co-Tweet and how the saw a need, focused on the audience and fundamentally changed the way businesses interect with their customers.
  • Enabling innovation to developers, reducing friction and increasing certainly and reliability for developers on the API level.   Developer Happiness.
  • Deriving more context and relevancy in tweets.
  • User Streams:   Power of real-time streams relevant to users.  No more rate limits, polling, managing data.  Includes social graph, direct messages and ReTweets and favorites.  Adding linkage and threads between one tweet to the other.  Like Twit Toaster did when visualizing threaded discussions & of course location.
  • Firehose:  Letting everyone from small to large sized funded companies benefit from the stream.
  • Developer Happiness.
  • Managing larger work-flows in bigger teams of individual companies.

The birth of and Anywhere

It’s Alive!


Live code and examples are already running from the API within the well constructed documents.  If you’re running the Thesis Theme you can already find a way of integrating anywhere.

What else is happening surrounding the ecosystem?

Loads of bloggers and companies are talking about the developer conference and making their contributions.   Let’s take a quick look to see what’s going on.

  1. Twitter’s Entire Archive Headed to the Library of Congress
  2. Twitter Adds New Terms of Service to Its Developer Platform

    Twitter Adds New Terms of Service to Its Developer Platform

  3. Replay it: Google search across the Twitter archive
  4. The Seesmic Squeeze: how a company responds to market changes in Twitter’s ecosystem
  5. Sorry, Twitter Confirms It Will Launch Its Own Link Shortener

The question(s) still looms resounding in like minds across the world wide web.  Will Twitter be able to lock their developers and business model down, or will this sudden change in the ecosystem affect this innovative company?

Personally I think by remaining agile and trying to understanding the road map (which is still unclear) will enable companies steer themselves in the right direction.

What’s more important is for entrepreneurs to define their leadership and start thinking of sustainable business models for the future.  Aaron Gotwalt admits that he’s not a business analysts, and so he pulled together a team of advisors and investors to get positive feedback and funding.

He says:

With this collective brainpower and to be able to pilot a company to make money is a really tricky thing.

The New Currency On Twitter — “Value.”

Ask yourself this question, “Do my followers / friends add value to my network on a day to day basis?” Hmmmmmmm. I’ve been through the motions and i can tell you from experience that chances are apart from your friends, they probably don’t.

For example I have roughly 23k followers. Wow right? WRONG. Out of those 23k followers i would only interact with about 300-500 of them on any given day (which includes other peoples RTs’ as well).

For me this is good news and its exactly when I started seeking for newer people that add more value to me and my network.   (Thats not to say i won’t be there for my present followers and friends, but adding a new dimension wouldn’t hurt). Out of all the recycled content we see everyday, I’ve realized that i wanted something more fruitful and meaningful with my daily twitter routine.

What makes it worse is that there is only that much quality content out there, and chances are I’ve already seen it. After all tweeting ahead of the Western World has its pros and cons.

Ok enough about me here, lets take some simple steps to help you add more value.

  1. Follow 1 person for every 10 who you follow.
  2. Tweet Less, concentrate on blogging and/or reaching your target audience in different ways.
  3. Do simple background checks of your new followers, see what they are interested in – do they match your description?
  4. Formulate a simple strategy, see if it works and if it does stick to it.
  5. Define yourself and be as exact as you can on your Twitter Profile so that others can clearly see what you bring to the table.
  6. Follow lists curated by the best on Twitter.  This is the best way to find interesting people without having to digg too deep.  Try Robert Scoble’s if you’re into tech or head over to listorious.
  7. Start reading the articles you tweet not just the titles and descriptions.
  8. Don’t be fooled by people with alot of followers.  What you should look for is the follower/following ratios.  Just because some people have alot of followers doesn’t mean that they will add value to you.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to people you respect or admire, even if they don’t get back to you.
  10. Stick to it, be consistent with your approach and strategy.  The value will surely follow.
  11. Be opinionated.

Try the above steps out, I really feel that they will help you out.  At the end of the day if you feel you add value to others then you deserve the same in return, but its up to you to filter it out.  One things for sure and thats Twitter is changing, for the better.  Go ahead and evolve with the system, Good Luck!!

Twitter Grader Algorithm Goes Through Major Overhaul

UPDATE: Dharmesh updates Grader every month and things are pretty much back to normal now. Before i wrote this post I was under the impression that the whole algorithm changed.

Twitter Grader

Sometime over the weekend Twitter Grader changed up their algorithm for ranking their top Twitter Users.   Most of the top users out there that we all know and are fond of (ChrisBrogan, Zaibatsu, BuzzEdition, Scobleizer, GuyKawasaki, etc etc) cannot be found on the Top 100 users list and their grades have bumped down drastically.

A tweet from Grader and Dharmesh himself addresses the change in algorithm:

Just released a *massive* update to the Twitter Grader algorithm. – Ranks will be erratic for a bit.

My personal grade has suffered drastically and keeps on decreasing! LOL :-) (speaking of erratic!).   I am an advocate of change but can’t help thinking to myself how this will affect so many power users out there who regularly check their grades and compare with others?

Twitter sure seems to be changing, first with lists (and that war is just beginning) and now with this new algorithm that no one really knows much about.  It’ll be interesting to see whats next in their bag of tricks!!

Reliability, Features, Performance & *Simplicity: The Beauty of Twitter’s Traditional App

This is a real quick and dirty post. I love twitter and wanted to quickly share my thoughts on the Twitter application, its beauty, reliability and performance. Note: This isn’t a Dig on third party apps, just an honest opinion to my approach.

You might be thinking why would you want to make it harder on yourself? Wouldn’t it be easier to RT people you have grouped and how do you remember all your cool friends? Well that all depends on perspective and I’d like to share my strategy with you guys in a follow up post.

1. Updated Follower UI Design Feature

Today Twitter updated its follower User Interface feature. My personal perspective is: (1) This feature is widely used and should stand out amongst the rest (apart from the updating!) (2) Twitter would like more people to come directly to their application, and they do but many people opt out and go for a third party app.

One thing i find remarkable about the engineers at twitter, is that they sure know how to keep things simple. I love that as I myself eschew complex approaches to simple solutions. I’ve seen so many sites with a toggle like feature (list to expanded), however twitters solution is pristine!
Expanded View in the Follower feature on Twitter

List View

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