Supercharged Javascript Resources

Super Javascript Resources

Some say the path to mastery requires 10,000 woman hours to achieve. A constant focused learning for days, months and years to finally become a master can be a daunting task. For me the path to mastery starts with the first steps:

  • *Self Inspiration: A willingness to learn through self inspiration and sticking with it. That will automatically equal longevity.
  • Awareness: Awareness of the tools at your fingertips. You just have to look and develop a sense of curiosity.
  • Fundamentals: Understanding basic concepts at their very core. Better yet a deep understanding and knowledge of how things work with the realm of what you want to learn.
  • Practice: Lot’s of practice even when what you feel that everything is going over your head at times. Give your brain time to digest things. If you don’t understand a method or technique make sure you re-visit it after taking a short break.  Don’t give up after seeing the first signs of trouble. Welcome them and cross the dip.

This post is hardly about learning techniques and methods, there are many out there to choose from. Learning begins with taking the first step, instructing yourself and diving in. The above is Part I of useful resources that you’ll find for Javascript including: tools, frameworks, blogs, slides, presentations plugins. I suggest you familiarize yourself with them and add them to your bookmarks if you’re a budding javascript ninja. You can always store them in a session (Chrome, Firefox)  for later reference.

Excellent Learning slides from multiple authors

Good information is where its at. Filtering out that information can be a little time consuming lest you know where to go so I just wanted to share what I thought would be useful to designers out there.

If you check slide # 51 in Object Oriented CSS you will see that you should never specify an element first. This is a practice i didn’t know about. Sometimes learning yourself can lead into bad practices and thats why I like to learn from the pros. Thanks Stubbornella..

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