The Economic Practice Of Web Design — Free Document Included

The Economic Practice Of Web Design

I very much liked what IA on Twitter said about The Practice of Web Design:

In my eyes, web design is neither an artistic exercise nor a scientific discipline but an economic practice…

He has a great point here as and this is a team who really excels in the niche that they belong to – WEB DESIGN.   Taking inspiration from this singular quote i’ve listed some items that might help you start developing your design work into a full time business – so you can earn the money you worked so hard for.

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WATCH: The Entrepreneurial Gary Vaynerchuk on Leveraging Social Media

What i love about Gary Vaynerchuk is his ability to paint a picture for “Non Techie” people and clearly explain how they can leverage Social Media today for their benefit. In this short interview with Abc News he briefly explains how he started using the web to his advantage and how the platforms today can help us brand ourselves into the future.

An interesting phrase Gary uses in many of his speeches that caught my attention was a term called “Sweat Equity” which describes the contribution made to a project by people who contribute their time and effort. Though the term “Sweat Equity” is Entrepreneurial in nature Gary strongly believes that the Social Web these days can be used by average individuals to help build and brand their products and services.

If you are looking to get inspired and learn along the way, Gary V. has the ability to put things in perspective for you – he did just that for me!

NOTE: If you want to cash into your passion now, be sure to check out Gary’s new book entitled “Crush It”. You can find it here.

Seek inspiration from others…

Often while working throughout the day I seek inspiration from different sources. If you watch TV, read the papers, or get your information from the web you will read about “successful” people who have made it in this world.

Success comes in all industries, and I feel that the drive to nurture your talents and never give up hope remain the most valuable lessons learned. You can be sure that these people believed in themselves, planned and worked their asses off to get to an established level.

I just wanted to share with you some people that i took inspiration from today.


Katy Perry

Perry was born in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California, United States. The middle child of two pastors, she grew up listening to gospel music and singing in church. She graduated from Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California in 2003 and immediately moved to Los Angeles at the age of eighteen. She changed her surname to Perry because “Katy Hudson” was too close to Kate Hudson. Perry is her mother’s maiden name.

If you have listened to her music ever, its not her looks who attract me (though she is awesome); its more her voice and style that gets me going.

Talk about being a natural..


Sara's Blog:  On-Simplicity
Here is another example of a young woman who has a great writing talent and ability to reach out to the general users out there. She blogs at ON-SIMPLICITY about about creating a happier, easier, more enjoyable life for yourselves. Well done Sara, to me the basic’s are Keeping it Simple (no matter what situation you are faced with).


Five Runs:  Check these guys out!!

FiveRuns delivers simple, elegant and affordable products for instrumenting, monitoring and managing Rails application performance.
I got to hand it to the team, their work is extremely impressive. You can see that they have cultivated their talents over the years and come together to form Five Runs as the pinnacle of achievement. True Bliss Fellas, just true bliss. Thats what dreams are made of…


Alina Popescu:  A talented woman
I’m impressed with Alina’s style of writing and consistent detailing. I feel women are doing very well these days, and this is just one of them whom i think will do very well for herself in the coming years. It’s people like her who will come out considerable better than others in the year 2009+. She is starting her own company soon, and i wish her the best of luck!!

Catch her at her blog: Words of a Broken Mirror


Geoffrey Grosenbach
Geoffrey is a serious Rails Developer and founder of PeepCode; a site dedicated to Rails screencasts. Geoffrey has done whole hell of lot for the Rails community and blogs over at: NubyonRails

BAHT (The Reindeer Lover):

Baht:  Reindeer Herder

Baht is from Mongolia, and herds reindeers for a living. He lives with the reindeer in a tent on some plains near a mountain. His love for reindeer runs deep as he has dedicated his whole life to herding them; this tradition was passed on down for generations.

He trades reindeer antlers to the neighboring Chinese, just to stock up on supplies (flour, wheet, rice etc etc) for the year. Can you imagine living in the freezing cold and having to relocate somewheres away from the snow capped mountains 10 times a year.

Baht is a great example of a passionate man, untainted from the complexities this world throws upon us. Baht, dude i couldn’t find your pic so i added a reindeer one instead. Though is likely you will never see this post, rest assured that there are people who adimire your character.


Jon Dahl from Rails Spikes

I wanted to mention Jon from RailsSpikes (I believe he is also a member of the Five Runs team, or collaborates with them someway.) After reading his post about Running in Packs vs. Going it alone, i was seriously impressed with the amount of intelligence and insight this man has. (he’s not just technically sound, but seems to have a thorough knowledge of the business side as well)

I’m tired of hearing people complain about their work, and or jobs. I mean you spend at least 8 hours a day (for the normal people) and 12 hours (for the ambitious) at work. Couldn’t you like it a little more? If you are tired of the game, then get out of it and try a new one, one that you can be good at!