The Economic Practice Of Web Design — Free Document Included

The Economic Practice Of Web Design

I very much liked what IA on Twitter said about The Practice of Web Design:

In my eyes, web design is neither an artistic exercise nor a scientific discipline but an economic practice…

He has a great point here as and this is a team who really excels in the niche that they belong to – WEB DESIGN.   Taking inspiration from this singular quote i’ve listed some items that might help you start developing your design work into a full time business – so you can earn the money you worked so hard for.

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Reliability, Features, Performance & *Simplicity: The Beauty of Twitter’s Traditional App

This is a real quick and dirty post. I love twitter and wanted to quickly share my thoughts on the Twitter application, its beauty, reliability and performance. Note: This isn’t a Dig on third party apps, just an honest opinion to my approach.

You might be thinking why would you want to make it harder on yourself? Wouldn’t it be easier to RT people you have grouped and how do you remember all your cool friends? Well that all depends on perspective and I’d like to share my strategy with you guys in a follow up post.

1. Updated Follower UI Design Feature

Today Twitter updated its follower User Interface feature. My personal perspective is: (1) This feature is widely used and should stand out amongst the rest (apart from the updating!) (2) Twitter would like more people to come directly to their application, and they do but many people opt out and go for a third party app.

One thing i find remarkable about the engineers at twitter, is that they sure know how to keep things simple. I love that as I myself eschew complex approaches to simple solutions. I’ve seen so many sites with a toggle like feature (list to expanded), however twitters solution is pristine!
Expanded View in the Follower feature on Twitter

List View

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Excellent Learning slides from multiple authors

Good information is where its at. Filtering out that information can be a little time consuming lest you know where to go so I just wanted to share what I thought would be useful to designers out there.

If you check slide # 51 in Object Oriented CSS you will see that you should never specify an element first. This is a practice i didn’t know about. Sometimes learning yourself can lead into bad practices and thats why I like to learn from the pros. Thanks Stubbornella..

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What I did today

These days i am spending alot of time learning the Open Source MVC Framework:  CodeIgniter. It’s awesome using some of the classes and libraries that ship with the package.  

All you have to do is load them from your controller or use the autoload feature in the config file.  I still do love my design work, so i spent some time later on at night trying to figure out this CSS FullScreen bacground thang.


  1. 8.30 am – Woke up had some brekky and took a nice warm shower!
  2. 9.00 am – Onto the CodeIgniter forums and Google Reader to check out the latest news.
  3. 11.00 am – Conference call with a client
  4. 12.00 pm – Getting kinda hungry so i had a snack
  5. 12.30 pm – Back to some ?php development with Code Igniter.
  6. 2.00 pm – Lunch:  Fish and Chips
  7. 2.30 pm – Emails and general communication with present and future clients
  8. 3.00 pm – Work started for a newer client.
  9. 5.00 pm – Updating a site for a current client 
  10. 6.00 pm – Back to Code Igniter
  11. 7.00 pm – Itching to use some css techniques to design a Full Screen Splash page.
  12. 8.00 pm – Done with the css homepage.  Nice and darkish look with a great background.
Here’s a screenshot of that CSS full background page..It looks nice right now but it sorta distorts on any resolutions higher than 1024×768.  I am sure there is a quick Javascript fix out there for this. 


Anyone out there know that quick Javascript fix??  Or do you all have any pointers for developing and designing a fullscreen css based background?  If you do please let me know.  I am sure if I poke around i will find it somewhere.  I’m just too tired right now!!

Click here to download the Source for this simple demo. I havent implemented the best CSS practices here but when i get the time ill go for the top notch standards.  It’s a good start for 45 minutes of work.