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Hi. Get to know me. There are three things that I love—javascript, tech and working out. I sometimes post about fitness and muscle building…. Let’s focus on the former for right now shall we?

I also find myself obsessing with information design, emerging media and adopting technology as early as possible.

I currently work for an educational institution where I am an Emerging Media & Communications specialist—I love my job. I reside in Karachi, Pakistan but have lived abroad for most of my life and traveled the world over. I’m a simple guy, you’ll usually catch me wearing shorts, cargos, hanes tees or fruit of the loom wife beaters. I also love American Eagle :-)

I started out designing Flash websites and then moved into development and more html/css/js centric design. I also own and run my company Fluid New Media. Dynamic websites have always interested me. I’m an advocate of /PHP and /MySQL, the so called LAMP stack. That said I follow up on other programming languages and blogs and am constantly watching for trends.

I like Android, it can be beautiful and I’ll take quality over quantity anyday—mediocrity bores the hell out of me.

The devil is in the details…

I’m passionate about helping businesses, startups and entrepreneurs successfully create their online identities. Where design is concerned I also believe in simplicity, minimalism, accessible and usable websites.

I like blogging, it gives me a sense of belonging and satisfaction—I consider myself a partial blogger. I’m a perpetual learner and constantly trying to learn new things, and share ideas.

If I feel there is value in something then I like linking and advertising others, their thoughts, ideas, work, etc. If you choose to click on those links and find something more appealing then I’m happy I could be the passage-way there. There are alot of intelligent folk out there, the minute you think you’re the end and b all, that’s the minute it’s all over kiddo.

I like being part of the whole system hope I add value in some form to your life, somewhere here on my blog or twitter. That’s not for me to decide, it’s for you to decide…

I do not like the fact that we are pinned behind walled gardens. Encouraging users to see beyond their noses gives me a great amount of satisfaction, even at the end of the day they still can’t see it. We have rights as internet users, we do. The new age user has  a different mind-set than the old school guys….

I believe in the OPEN WEB and OPEN SOURCE. I have used Windows for most of my life and have switched over to Linux recently. It’s a powerful OS. I love it! I also like text (yep pictures do get attention) and the command line. It empowers me. I am considering buying a MAC for the first time, it’s great for development has a beautiful desktop UI and is UNIX-like system.

People adopt technology fairly quickly. I feel Social Media is an integral part of the web these days, but won’t go overboard with it. Frankly, I have and it absorbed me rather than me absorbing it. One should control technology and use it as a tool rather than let it consume you. I don’t care about karma, klout or other metrics that inflate ones ego.

My Twitter: @tech_blend

That said social is a powerful tool that both individuals and companies can utilize—I believe in creating brand loyalty and value. It’s never in the numbers and most always in the value you create for your users.

I could go on, but no one cares or is really that interested. Prove me wrong. To sum it all up I care about the web and those who are passionate about it and I’ll be around for a while to come. I believe in myself and feel the best path to success is discipline..

Oh, did I mention that I like creating content?