Help, I Need to Prototype Forms in HTML5

Dreaded forms? Feel like you’re looking the barrel of a gun? Want to impress your boss? Don’t worry, bootstrap is here to help. Actually forms aren’t that difficult when you know which tools to get the job done— since there are a plethora of resources on the internets , let’s take a closer look at how you can simplify your workflow and use the right libraries and tools to rapidly design and extend your forms. Although this post is not a tutorial it would be wise to use a front end framework that supports responsiveness as there are many of devices out there that support the full web.

Forms UI / UX

If you’re not using Bootstrap then you should be for rapid development and to keep yourself sane when styling form elements for different browsers. Of course not to mention the responsive features that are built in. Alternatively you can try using by Nathan Smith or style your own form elements using CSS or Javascript.