IE 6 Rant. Die Already..

I’d like IE to die, rather I’d like IE6 to die. Only because it’s a pain to design and develop for the worlds most hated browser—any developer will tell you that they curse IE6 at least a couple of times a month.

Can I not have a well structured CSS document without adequately supporting this browser as well? Meh, might I add we all love to write well structured code. Of course there are ways to get around the bugs and shortcomings of IE6 and IE7.

Yet it won’t:

As of May 2011, 10.9 percent of Internet users around the world were still using the outdated browser. Many of these users are in Asian and Arab countries. China has the the biggest user base with roughly 33% of Internet users accessing the Internet using IE6, and South Korea in second place with about 22%.

Most of the organizations that we create web pages for here in Pakistan have Windows XP installed with guess what? Default IE6 installed. Some people will install Firefoxcomm and Chrome, however most upper level management use the default IE6 to test the websites we create for them.


This is an age old rant and we’re all quite used to it already, just had to b!tch and moan about it. Ahhhh,I feel better already. We’re pretty much stuck, especially here in the Eastern world.

You do know that you can render IE in Chrome? Just use this extension.

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  1. Terri Nakamura

    Hi, Ahad…I haven’t used IE since Microsoft stopped supporting the Mac. So I see a link on your blog to an extension…JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY, I’m going to see if it works on a Mac.

    Recently I saw a funny cartoon that said, “The number one browser for downloading a better browser.” And another that said, “I accidentally clicked on IE. Now I have to wait for it to load so I can close it again…”

    Wishing you well!


    1. admin

      Hey Terri,

      Great to see you here my friend. Yes it’s a great extension for chrome, wonder how it acts on the MAC. Do let me know how it works out for you. It saves me firing up IE to test stuff out…

      You’re a friends friend and just know that I have the utmost respect for you. God Bless.




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