The Nasty Effects Of Inequality

Occupy Wall Streets best slogan yet is “We are the 99%” which has been waived around banners all over the world by crabby protesters.


See more “We are the 99%” banners..

Wealth is uneven and ALWAYS will be. Talent is uneven and ALWAYS will be. Risk Taking is uneven and ALWAYS will be. Men are unequal in their gifts and capabilities. There are competitive advantages, and Trade seeks to equalize this. And that is the basis of Capitalism and the Market.

Cowboys and Indians—the top 1 percent have made out like bandits over the past few decades.


  • Only 2% of Americans according to the Small Business Adminstration own a business that employs at least one non-relative employee.
  • 2% of Americans employ the other 98%.
  • Employees are 90%. Management is the top 10%. Ownership is the top 2%.

Are the top 99% the symptom or the disease? Try watching the video at TED.

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