The Shape Shifting Future Of The Mobile Phone

This is a wonderful video and well worth sharing, I loved the concept and the way it was presented with the robotic prototype. For technology dreamers and innovators such as Fabien Hemmert (a PhD student at the Design Research Lab, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories) it all starts there. He shares a fascinating talk on TED about the future of Mobile phones and technology behaving more human-like and although the video is brief and this might be quite far into the future the results are mind boggling.

Fabien talks about making digital content graspable, and how to get the digital to the physical. I’ll let him explain as he does a far better job, but I really wanted to share this quote as it made alot of sense to me as we progress into the future of mobile touch and technology.

Humans should get more technical in the future, rather technology get a bit more human.

I found this video whilst browsing to one of my favorite sites, TAT. If you’re not aware of TAT The Astonishing Tribe AB, you should be. They are an extremely innovative growing group of engineers, visual artists and interaction designers who eat, sleep, and breathe user interfaces. The do lots of cool things and to describe a couple of them I wouldn’t miss (a) Astonishing and free Android wallpapers (b) The future of screen technology

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