I love political cartoons and their burlesque depictions of world leaders and events. I spent a couple of minutes laughing at some paradoxical funnies today and thought I would share a couple that really struck me as satire too funny not to pass on.


The Weak Dollar


Surging Oil Prices and Alternative Energies

With all do respect Sir [President Obama], I do like you at least you pronounce the names of people and countries properly, which means you make an effort to understand culture and people. It was just funny..


Megalomaniacs and their sons


Is This Uncle Sam?

It’s not just Arizona and the immigration laws, hoardes of funded politicians are wiping their dirty a$$$$ clean with the constitution of America, a truly great piece of paper (no pun intended!)


Who will be the next ruling state?

Imran Hosein says that book knowledge is great, but one must also see the light. He explains in one of his lectures that one cannot see a black ant on a black stone on a pitch black night, it’s impossible. Only the human with Noor, can see the ant sitting on that stone on a pitch dark night. Overlooking the truth one becomes a misguided sheep, what are you going to be?

Aside: All images are property of their respective owners, I found them to be useful in conveying a simple message. Please find more like this here:

4 Comments Sheeple?

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  2. Adam

    Hmmm, but surely unless you can test and verify by repeatable scientific means that you really can see this dark ant on a dark night by some mystical light that comes from the heavens you are being just as much a misguided sheep as the believers of any religion? That to me is overlooking the truth!

    And why not link your images to the original source at least, instead of adding a note saying you know you are stealing them but you think it’s ok?

  3. admin

    @Adam, amusing comment. Any light would suffice to see into the shadows, and perhaps my reference to Noor was a little ambiguous. I agree with you on the link..

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