We Take Too Much For Granted

Thinking back on immigrating to the States from Pakistan a third world country recently devastated by floods. A country where the poor walk around naked looking for scraps to eat. Mind you, the worst part isn’t the devastation of crops and people’s homes, it’s the famine and disease that follow. This will take years and years, a government and leaders which aren’t corrupt to fix.

Here in the States we take way too much for granted. Our cars, our food, “Burger King” and “Mc’Donalds” for breakfast—I’m loving it allright. I’m not saying that there aren’t people in developed countries who don’t feel the pain and suffering, but on the overall most people have no clue what’s happening around the world—especially Americans.

Let’s take a couple of minutes and thank the Lord for all our blessings and pray for all the unfortunate people around the world.  Let’s reflect.  Imagine you could have been born in a situation much, much worse.  What if you could do nothing about it?




Thanks to The Boston.com (Big Picture for the images) […] It’s not just the people in Pakistan, poverty is rampant all across the world. A friend of mine on Twitter @QueenSakina mentioned that there’s a difference between relative and absolute poverty—I’d like to thank her for bring that to our attention.

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  1. Terri Nakamura

    Dear Ahad,
    It’s beyond sad. Most people feel helpless to do anything. When it first happened, I made a donation to Unicef to benefit relief efforts in Pakistan, but who knows if it helped the people who most need it?

    Thank you for sharing. We need to be reminded of how great we have it here in the U.S. Floods, hurricanes and earthquakes notwithstanding, by and large we have a cushy situation here in comparison to much of the world.

    Warm hugs,


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