How To: Become a Speed Surfing Demon with 3 Simple Chrome Extensions

If you’re one for keyboard shortcuts and you’re using one the newer browser out there (Opera, Chrome, Firefox) than this post is for you.  At the end of this little article you’ll be able to input commands directly into a prompt and run them on light speed to get to all your good stuff.  Note that the bookmarklet Quix works on many browsers (it’s extensible) but i’m concentrating on Google Chrome in this post.


Patterns of surfing the web differ from person to person depending on browser choice, time of day and hours spent surfing the web.  However  one variable we can all change is the time factor while surfing.

Don’t you want to be more productive and spend less time “mouse clicking” on bookmarks, bookmarklets and all the other browser stuff that takes time to do?

I know I do,  and t’s simple all you have to do is install 3 Google Chrome Extensions and you’re on your way to being a superhero.

Just follow the steps here, we’ll be using these Chrome Extensions:  Shortcut ManagerQuix , and X-Marks bookmarks sync.

  1. Download and install Shortcut Manager for Chrome.  It’s a charmer of an extension.  You can change the browser default shortcut keys, and assign any bookmarklets or Javascript action to your hotkeys. It works as Keyconfig on Firefox.
  2. You’ll need the Quix bookmarklet as well.  To get the quix bookmarklet working you have two choices.  You may assign a shortcut key (by using shortcut manager) to the quix prompt box , or just drag the little bookmarklet to your brower toolbar.
  3. Start using Quix commands for shortcuts to your favorite social bookmarklets, url shortners, wordpress, etc etc.

For Example:  Lets say i wanted to run a basic command of  a simple Google search for Chicken?  All i would have to type in the prompt box is:


Note: Access your Quix bookmarklet by assigning a key, or clicking on the bookmarklet (in your browser).

And voila you’ll be searching for the term in not time!  There are alot of other commands like social bookmarklets, bookmarking on delicious, posterous et cetera.  Some of my favorites include:


Check over on the commands page for more and start using them, you’ll soon see how productive and how much time you can really save.

If you decide not to use these extensions in your browsing experiences, I won’t hold it against you.  However with the amount of information and bookmarking we do it would be wise to be able to save them somewhere (besides your local computer) for future reference.

To do that all you need is the X-Marks Bookmark Sync which synchronizes across multiple computers, and across web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.  You can easily sign up for an account via the installed bookmarklet in your toolbar.

For power users these commands are readily available for your fingertips to execute. Fact is once you get used to it anyone will be able to achieve the mundane tasks a lot quicker than you would with a mouse, thus increasing your productivity and helping you organize your content better. What are you waiting for get to commanding!

That said, I truly believe that Google Chrome will be at the forefront of browsers within the next few years, especially with the Google operating system giving birth.

What else do you like about Chrome extensions? Do you have any to share that we’d like as well?

4 Comments How To: Become a Speed Surfing Demon with 3 Simple Chrome Extensions

  1. Dave Richardson

    Hi Addy,
    Thanks for genuinely useful info. I’ve tried out the Shortcut manager for Chrome which took a little effort to get my head round but it was worth it. Ditto for Quix which has an amazing number of built-in functions. Setting a shortcut to Quix means it’s keyboard all the way. The more you use the web the more your browser gets cluttered and it’s harder to find things like bookmarks. If you can type then keyboard shortcuts is a better way than always using the mouse.

  2. admin

    Hey @Dave, thanks for stopping by. My sentiments exactly, why use your mouse when you can easen the pain. It’s just about getting used to keyboard shortcuts – once you do there’s no looking back.

    Welcome to uncluttered book-marklet heaven!


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