Random Thoughts On Twitter & Social Media

It’s been about a year that i’ve been using social media on a consistent basis, and i’ve certainly had my moments – That said my interactions have been overall positive.  However today I briefly wanted to jot down down some of my thoughts that most people don’t like talking about.  If you’re new or “one dimensional” please keep an open mind…

  • Connecting: Social media isn’t the connector we think it is.  Meaningless relationships on many social networking sites hold no value when translated into the real world.  Look for people who you’d like to meet in person, and who are genuinely interested in your stuff.
  • Volumes: Just like most business is about reaching the masses so is social media.  If you want to make it, target the masses.
  • Value: Twitter (in particular) fries your brain, I feel the more you tweet the more you lose your concentration.  Stick to about 5-10 value tweets a day, blog more if you want to participate positively and contribute value to the overall eco-sytsem.
  • User Base: If you’re looking to build your brand / name using social media attract the normals, as opposed to the digital early adopters (or) influentials.
  • Men Behind The Curtain: Lot of social media is rigged by the men behind the curtain.  Just today i logged into an old Twitter account of mine and i was following people i had never seen before.  Guess what, they were all verified Twitter accounts…
  • Noise: Who needs more than 10,000 followers?  I’d say who needs more than 1,000.
  • Information: Interesting information is the key to success.  Draw your fans in by posting informative content.  Not regurgitating other peoples stuff.
  • Sharing vs Over-Sharing: Don’t over-share, strike a healthy balance between your friends and your stuff.
  • Numbers / Metrics: It’s not about the numbers, you’re setting yourself up for the trap if you think that’s what social media is all about.
  • Monetization: I’ve thought alot about this. We all like to share, but there comes a point when you think to yourself  “Am i making any money spending so much time here?”  If you are, great!  If you aren’t try learning a new skill or building something awesome instead.
  • Ego: How much butt do i have to kiss to get noticed?  Alot, and what you have to ask yourself is “Is it worth it?”  If it is great!
  • How to get noticed quickly: Try getting to content before others (or) share strong opinions on your blog (and) bash news content for more visibility (also known as negative publicity).

Sometimes taking a different perspective can add a new dimension to you as an individual.   That’s what social media should be about, new dimensions, different perspectives and the willingness to embrace multiple strategies.

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  1. Matt

    Social media can really eat up a lot of your time if you are not careful.
    I like your comment about getting noticed quickly, this can really help your case!

    I would never be completely reliant on social media, personally I like to use it as part of a larger business strategy.

    Thanks, great content.


    1. admin


      Hi, thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with you and really think that social media can help your overall business strategy (unless of course you are talking company secrets directly in the stream, LOL!)

      Btw i just hovered over to your blog, i found it pretty cool – Congratulations! How come you don’t have any comment system going?


  2. Nong W.

    Thank you for writing this post. I agree with most of your thoughts. With all due respect, I disagree with a couple of your contentions. Social media is a vehicle for connecting. If I had not signed up for Twitter, I would never have made some of the most important friendships in my life.
    In March 2009, I saw a random tweet from a young man, posting that he wished to end his life. Without over-thinking, I DM’d him. For two hours, I gently persuaded and also busted his ass until he promised not to hurt himself. Consequently, our relationship has been the furthest thing from “meaningless.”
    Furthermore, most of my conversations are via DM. So, the world does not see all the pain people have confided and shared with me. It goes without saying that whatever my friends share with me, stays only with me—no names. For me, social media is a connector.
    My friend, I have NEVER cared about numbers and don’t kiss butt. You can ask @DaveMalby, @RonGraham1 and a multitude of my closest friends.
    There isn’t enough kindness in this world. My bucket list includes performing as many good deeds as I can squeeze in before I take my dirt nap.
    Coincidentally, I am currently writing a blog post addressing similar issues.


    1. admin


      Thanks for stopping by. What i’m trying to say is most relationships are meaningless at least to me, but not all my dear. It’s better to target “like-minded” people and build up your niche, also whilst contributing to those you admire also.

      LOL I hear you on the DM front, and i’m not fond of DM’s (only sometimes for communication) especially for RT’s and sharing. Having said that, you are entitled to your own opinions Nong, appreciate your efforts on and off social media. I can keep stuff a secret too, but i’d rather not get involved in the back politics :-)

      I will agree with you that there is not enough kindness in the world, and I admire you for caring and sharing. Keep the faith Nong..



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