Gobble Gobble! — 1000+ Feeds For Your RSS Reader to Gulp

This post was a simple experiment – every feed here is *categorized* making it easy to just plug and play. The feeds you’ll find below are 85% hand picked while each and every one provides a good amount of value. For newbies this is a great list whilst seasoned veterans are sure to find some real gems.


If you’re into RSS then you know how easy it is to find and curate content to share with your friends using popular feed readers like GoogleFeedly and LazyFeed.

Today on a lazyish Friday i decided to share 25% of my feeds here on my blog for you to import into your own reader (I suggest Google Reader, but it’s up to you which reader you choose to import them into).  Note:  The file is exported in the OPML format.  You may import this bundle into any reader that supports the OPML standard.

Right Click and “Save Link As”:  Download the OPML

I’ve hand-picked most of the feeds, but have also subscribed to some of the bundles Google Reader offers, and if you’re curious how that works (in Google Reader) just click on “Browse for stuff.”

Quick Fun Tip for Google Reader Users: Once you’ve imported the feeds (this will also work with your existing feeds) focus on your sidebar.  Locate any category and click on it, you’ll see a list of feeds in the feed/content pane.

From the content pane navigate to Folder Settings and click on View in Reader Play.

This small little tip will take you into a visual playground for the category of feeds you specified.


After all who doesn’t like to be spoonfed?  :-)   I’ll be updating these feeds from time to time so you can always check back.  In the meantime you can always subscribe to my Shared Items for daily links to the best articles on the web (mainly technology)

If you’ve downloaded and imported the OPML file, feel free to add to the list here.  We’re always looking for fresh and engaging new content.  Enjoy.

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