Swedish Innovate Dual Screen Mobile Display, Oh My!

I’ve always wanted dual screen ability on the mobile platform.  Thanks to an innovative Swedish company TAT, Dual Drift’s ground-breaking technology is already underway for the Blaze™ mobile development platform (MDP); a prototype from Texas Instrument Incorporated (TI).

Notable excerpt about innovations in the mobile industry is an understatement …

“There is tremendous innovation taking place today in the mobile applications segment, which will drive use cases into the future,” said Fred Cohen, Director, OMAP Wireless Ecosystem, TI. “We are thrilled with TAT´s ability to show how new interface capabilities, based on our OMAP 4 platform, will change how consumers interact with their devices. Providing multiple display support will be critical as people look for better ways to share information, memories and data on the go.”

as there is already a new augmented reality app that makes it possible to identify people and learn about them just by pointing your phone.

Dual Drift features at a glance:

  1. Enables high quality, synchronized multiple screen displays on the mobile device, external high definition monitors or projectors that display the screen on an external surface.
  2. Enables smart interaction between screens – such as dragging from one screen to the other, or pointing to something on one screen and seeing the results on the other screen.
  3. Compatible with HDMI video standard for outputting HD content to larger screens.
  4. Hardware- and platform-agnostic, TAT Cascades can enable multiple screens on any mobile device running on a platform that is capable of supporting multiple displays.
  5. Allows the full range of TAT Cascades´ stunning visual effects across all screens, including 3D, shadows, dynamic light sources, animations and transitions

Presently the prototype is used on a Ti (Texas Instruments) prototype which was promoted over at the Mobile World Congress, but I can see this catching on in the mobile mainstream.

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