Google Buzz is Not About Killing Twitter, A New Era in Email Arises

We’ve all heard about Google Buzz, the new Twitter killer right;  like its supposed to roll out and take control over the social media world.   Personally i think Google has got it right this time around, empowering email  as a “social media” tool.   Google Buzz is more of dig at Facebook and other companies that have a huge user base on their network, especially email users.

Image Courtesy of Campaign Monitor

Image Courtesy of Campaign Monitor

Like Microsoft and Yahoo aren’t watching, they’ll be soon to follow.  You also wouldn’t want to forget all the mobile devices accessing webmail these days, there’s a goldmine of information and people.

Twitter will always be at the heart of micro-blogging and social media to me and many other folks out there.  That said Twitter still isn’t the end all and b all, its’ the beginning of other social media eco-sytem’s taking inspiration. This time one that has been around a long while – Email.

In terms of privacy Google’s track record is far cleaner than Facebook, they’re a more transparent company providing a very stable platform.  With all the fuss out there about generating followers and privacy issues, I still like the fact that Buzz automatically generates my followers, people whom i email and chat to and most importantly people whose thoughts and insights are an inspiration to me as well.

I’ll be glad to add more than 140 characters to a comment or thread and engage in insightful conversations…

Would love to connect with you on Buzz sometime  Do you have a Google Profile yet?  :-)

8 Comments Google Buzz is Not About Killing Twitter, A New Era in Email Arises

  1. Slickriptide

    Buzz has nothing to do with killing Twitter or any other social site, As far as I can see, its purpose is to be an aggregator that shows you all of the online activity related to the “important” people in your life. That is, the people that you email periodically.

    Buzz is a meta-network, similar to, say, a job search meta-search that searches a dozen databases with one keyword submittal. Far from killing Twitter, Buzz is relying on Twitter to be a content provider.

  2. admin

    Thanks for dropping by Scott and sharing your thoughts, I hear that – just a little rebuttal for all the folks out there who think Google’s aim is just to kill Twitter. Lots of other fish to fry out there..

  3. Flavio

    Buzz is more going to replace FriendFeed, including Twitter as Scott said, but bringing aggregation and conversation to the masses while FriendFeed was just for the early adopters. Facebook has the same plan, but I doubt the majority of its users care about it more than playing mafia or farms.

    Yahoo already had its attempt over a year ago, but maybe it was too early for people, or maybe the Yahoo crowd is not as geeky as the Google, and nobody even noticed they did the same Buzz is doing now!

  4. DJ @ Fermentarium

    I use Google Reader alot, so integrating Buzz with Reader was huge for me. I can also see Buzz taking off because Gmail almost forces you to be a part of Buzz. My mom was one of the first people to start following me, and she did it only because Gmail prompts you with Buzz the second you log in not because she’s an early social media adopter. I think Buzz will get a huge initial following just on this alone.

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  6. admin

    @Dj Fermentarium Indeed one of the reasons wave wasn’t a huge success is that it didn’t have that initial user base, good point. Kudos to your Mom!

    @Flavio Gotta feel for Yahoo, I mean they have a huge user base but can’t seem to converge on the social media side. Remember Yahoo Pipes, FAIL.

    @Peter Thanks for stopping by mate, just saw a preview of how buzz looks on the mobile check for a screen shot here –>

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