You Tube HTML5 Viewer, Another Digg at Flash

A new HTML5 You Tube Player by Neo Smart has been born for those who’d like to catch a glimpse of the future of the web. Now you can watch your You Tube Videos without having to rely on Flash, which can be a serious resource hog depending on your operating system.

You Tube HTML5 Viewer

Most people are used to Flash on video sites and the capabilities of embedded Flash videos are far superior to this working prototype (but resource hoggy). That said its a good start and You Tube has even been testing their own HTML5 Videos on their site.

I tested on Firefox and Chrome over here on my Windows XP machine (yeah yeah i know, XP? LOL!). The player returned no video on Firefox and I believe its a Codec Issue. On Chrome the player runs without any problems, but the scrubbers can get a little buggy. Its a good start but still needs alot of work.

Go ahead and test it out for yourself at the Neo Smart You Tube HTML5 Viewer Page. Also check out the Grease Monkey User Script which adds a link to all YouTube video pages that points to the HTML5 version.

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