Make Your Google Social Search More Relevant — Here’s How.

We are going through some seriously exciting times with everything happening in the Search World. Just today Google Social Search has been born into its experimental phases. What Google Social Search does is help you find publicly available web content from your social circle quickly so you can see what your friends are upto. Take a couple of minutes and watch what Matt Cutts has to say about this exciting new age of Search in the Social World.

If you don’t have the time i’ve briefly outlined the key benefits of using Google Social Search Below, scan through them and start today.

What is Public Web Content?

What Google means by Public Content is simply content that you have published on Twitter, FriendFeed and other various online social services.  The most important item to understand here is that you have control over what you make publicly available to Google Social Search.

What Do I Need To Do For Google To Start Indexing Me In Social Search?

Google Social surfaces social content from 3 different places (Google Profile, Google Contacts and Google Reader) but as Matt Cutts says he believes that Google Profile will hold the most weight -he’s probably right too.

  1. Google Profile: Go ahead and create a profile if you haven’t done so yet.  The important part to remember here is that you should add your Social Links (blogs, twitter, friendfeed etc).  By doing this you give Google the signal that you’ve opted in to make your stuff visible to the public, and once Google understands that it fetch your results from the different links you’ve added to your social search results.
  2. Google Chat Connections: Another way for Google to add to your social graph is your chat buddies.  Whats important to know that Google doesn’t publish your list of chat buddies, instead it just adds to your Social Circle so you can see their public information.
  3. Google Reader: Everyone has a blog these days, and if you subscribe to a particular blog in Google Reader then Google can surface a post from that blog in your social search results.

Remember that the most weight here is on your Google Profile and the social services you have added there.  For example on your twitter account you might be following 1,000 people;  well once you added those various online social services to your Google Profile  Google will now start adding those people within your social circle!!

Bear in mind for the Google Social Search to work for you, you must be logged into Google.  What are you waiting for, head over to Google Labs and start checking out your social search results!

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