Is Rss the cure to your insatiable itch for information? You decide..

Rss feeds in Google Reader

There have been tons of discussions about Rss (Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary) in the past, but one that you might care to join is over at Robert Scoble’s blog. I follow Robert on twitter, facebook and friend-feed; the mans all over the place.

What’s even more interesting is that with all the noise on twitter (and the fact that i follow a whole lot of people) I miss a good amount of his tweets, if not all on a daily basis and guess where i found his post about Rss? Google reader…Enough said right?

Most likely if you are reading this post then you get most of your information from Twitter the popular micro-blogging service or a number of other social media sites and Rss feeds. I mean where would we be without this protocol, even if it isnt real-time yet. You can check out more opinions below and formulate your own opinions:

Louis Gray’s rebuttal on Friend-Feed
If You Think RSS is Dead Then That’s Your Loss and It’s a Big One
RSS: A good idea at the time but there are better ways now

I for one love Rss and Google Reader and won’t give them up for any social-media network, even twitter. Using all mediums in conjunction has worked really well for me, with more emphasis on Rss.

Check out some new RSS feed readers that might help you take charge of the content that you love so much, hey and it might even cure that pestering itch for information.

Feedly: A firefox only add-on and built on top of Google Reader


Feedly weaves your favorite content into a fun, magazine-like start page.

Lazy Feed: Keep up with your favorite topics

Lazy Feed

Save any topic on Lazyfeed and forget about it. Lazyfeed’s live update feed will let you know when there’s new content about the topic.

With web trends moving faster than ever its up to you to decide what medium to use to find the content you desire. After all its not just technology which will bring cutting edge content to the palms of your hands, its how you harness that technology to get the most out of it..

7 Comments Is Rss the cure to your insatiable itch for information? You decide..

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      I hear that Louis and you know the answer to that straight up! You of course. :-) Thanks for stopping by and engaging, appreciate it…

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