Conveniently life-stream with Posterous; 5 simple reasons why you should.

Ask any prolific blogger and they’ll tell you social media is a full-time gig. Matter of fact, in this day and age of life-streaming people are choosing from a multitude of platforms to share and connect easily with their community. You ought to be able to setup quickly and get yourself out there as soon as humanly possible.

Posterous will help you do just that, and its free!!. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or have been a long time blogger this simple platform will enable you to share your content quickly and easily.

The best feature of this stable platform is the ability to send posts via email. This is extremely useful because as the web and its networks evolve and grow, an increasing amount of people are looking for faster ways to drive their content to the web.

Get yourself out there without fuss


Posterous is a free service and makes it dead simple to post and share with others by utilizing email, which is already integrated with the applications we use on a daily basis. With the ability to post things online fast using email is a huge advantage especially when you want to document your thoughts quickly.

Post everywhere with the Auto-Post feature

When you post to Posterous, you have an option to also update all the other social media services you already use. There’s no need to post multiple times in multiple places, it can all be done via one email. This feature is very handy, after all who would want to post multiple times if you have the option to do it once with auto-post.

Easily post on the go with your mobile

Post on the go easily.

Its as easy as 1,2,3 to post on the go. Mobile devices already have email built in, so you can send photos, video, and more to publish them online instantly. Posterous gives you the option to share your content with a wide range of devices including Android for T-Mobile, Iphone and just regular handsets.

Conveniently share content with others

Conveniently share your content with others.

Promoting your content has never been easier as you can add a widget sidebar that shows off all your posterous posts on your blog or another site. Also you can use the bookmarklet to share content from other sites. (Posterous supports a pletora of social networks.)

Explore, subscribe and engage with the community

Easily engage with the community

Just like any other blogging platform, the ability to explore other networks makes it easy to engage with and find like-minded people from all over the world. Best part of a new network is connecting with bloggers and building your small community! So head on over there right now and start sharing and blogging with others!!

At the end of the day you want to be able to post frequently without fuss at any given location. Whether you are a first-timer, casual blogger, social media pro or just want to share with family members Posterous is the perfect solution for you. After all your thoughts need to be documented and shared quickly.

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