101 Awesome web related #followfriday Twitter Tweets

A good look at the amount of resources available at your fingertips on this exciting micro-blogging plaftorm – twitter!

  1. New WordPress Plugin at Yoast: Plugin Downloads: http://cli.gs/5WhVQA
  2. Browser Battle: Nine Browsers of Today and Tomorrow Compared http://preview.tinyurl.com/dh9o3x
  3. Cartoon Websites and Characters http://bit.ly/ZEyRd
  4. 10 Icon Design tutorials – 10 Icon Design tutorials – http://bit.ly/12a6p0
  5. 40+ Hand-picked Photoshop Icon Designs [Photoshop Tutorials] – http://bit.ly/15zDOY
  6. Push Your Web Design Into The Future With CSS3 – http://bit.ly/w50kR
  7. Powerful CSS-Techniques For Effective Coding – http://bit.ly/4e1D
  8. Free Easter Bunny Icon Set. Beautiful! http://is.gd/mgxV
  9. New from TwiTip: Welcome to the Hive Mind; Learn How to Search Twitter http://tinyurl.com/byrad4
  10. The 5 Best Free File #Hosting Services To #Store Your #Files! http://tr.im/h08B
  11. oomi. A to do list application. http://post.ly/6ZN
  12. TwiTip #Twitter – Welcome to the Hive Mind; Learn How to Search Twitter http://bit.ly/dSfyO
  13. Twitter Gaming & How It’s Costing Everyone http://tr.im/h08O
  14. Great story on Twitter “140 Characters » On Nightline” http://tinyurl.com/cy2vf5
  15. Turn Twitter Followers Into Twitter Friends. http://bit.ly/gQpph
  16. Fontleech: The best free fonts on the web. http://post.ly/6Wm TypeJunkies
  17. think simple act simple (dot) com *cool folio http://ping.fm/RSCLg
  18. AlFerrettiSmokin website traffic from twitter http://is.gd/mbhb
  19. DesignCharts // Weekly Top 40 Website Design Charts http://post.ly/6P4 WebJunkies
  20. Trailer for that movie you wish you’d never gotten suckered into seeing: http://is.gd/mfY7 #ifa
  21. DIGG – How to Use Tweetdeck: The Ultimate Twitter Client: A great guide to TweetDeck. Includes strategie.. http://tinyurl.com/buwuo3
  22. Better ways to writing JavaScript – http://bit.ly/ma22z
  23. Work mode on! – Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most ♫ http://blip.fm/~2qnpy
  24. Twenty great sex quotes http://ow.ly/HIe
  25. Get a lot of new followers today? Easily manage following back with http://tweepler.com
    *It’s a life saver!!
  26. 14 Most Useful Web Design Cheat Sheets | Web Design Ledger http://ow.ly/Han
  27. 5 Reasons the New-Look Facebook Could Sink Twitter http://ow.ly/H9N
  28. 15 Useful Twitter Hacks and Plug-Ins For WordPress http://ow.ly/Ham
  29. 50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials http://ow.ly/Hal
  30. You down with PHP?! Ya you know me. Who’s down with PHP?! All the… http://ow.ly/H86
  31. 8 Ways to Connect and Get off the Entrepreneurial Island http://bit.ly/kZ8Y
  32. Simon Pegg just isn’t funny when he’s not in a British film with English actors. I think he peaked in ‘Spaced’. http://bit.ly/18hGIE
  33. Measure your twitter infuence: http://tinyurl.com/4qptcl
  34. witter To Start Serving Local News To Users? http://twurl.nl/80f5hl
  35. The Moral Collapse Of America: Financial Collapse: 31 Million Americans Are Now On Foodstamps http://ow.ly/H7H
  36. Open Question : Is it ‘improper’ of me to have this image in my folio of a egytpian child without proper authority? http://is.gd/mgHt
  37. “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.” – Mae West http://ow.ly/HPp
  38. Protect your PC without antivirus !! Sandboxie http://is.gd/meUF
  39. Long-Lost Celebrity Twins http://is.gd/mcmX (Paris Hilton’s twin at #10 sure rocks all)
  40. If browsers were women http://is.gd/lxYu LOL
  41. Study finds that optimistic women live longer http://tweet.alltop.com/djyy Also see http://health.alltop.com
  42. Red Hot: 20 Inspirational Red Websites http://tinyurl.com/9dro2n
  43. @Scobleizer: Liked “10 Things That Would Make the Internet a Better Place” http://ff.im/1o5DK
  44. 40 Beautiful Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design http://is.gd/meca
  45. Interesting factoids: Twitter provides Alltop 1/4 as much traffic as Google organic, but 10x more than Facebook.
  46. New QuickTime Player, Cocoa Desktop in latest Snow Leopard Beta http://is.gd/m8fH
  47. BackTweets Searches What Twitter Can’t http://tinyurl.com/bbcs5v
  48. Why iPhone users won’t flock to the Palm Pre come June http://is.gd/m8Pz
  49. 100 Greatest People http://bit.ly/OmYcl
  50. A Brief Guide to the Beat Poets http://tweet.alltop.com/djwb Also see http://poetry.alltop.com
  51. PCWorld says YouTube Wants to Kill MTV Once and For All http://is.gd/lW6E
  52. Javascript Dock Carousel Using Mootools (Part 1) – http://bit.ly/7uwF
  53. Create SEO friendly Text Images Headers – http://bit.ly/kKWFI
  54. Firefox Has Got a 100% Market Share…In Antarctica! – http://tinyurl.com/acw3y8
  55. Reading: Why Is Her Paycheck Smaller? http://is.gd/lwHO
  56. 50 Powerful Plugins and Filters to Supercharge Your Photoshop – http://bit.ly/rWux1
  57. Image to polaroid collage – http://bit.ly/Hast
  58. Learn about scaling applications and Web Services: http://www.highscalability.com
  59. The return of the Web 2.0 Blog and the latest: A Web 2.0 book, Enterprise 2.0, The New New Internet, and much more http://bit.ly/B2uDe
  60. 25 Excellent And Useful Adobe AIR Tutorials & Resources! – http://tinyurl.com/c64ahh
  61. The Top 15 Most Influential Web 2.0 Sites – http://bit.ly/2kH5d7
  62. What You Must Know About jQuery UI 1.7 – http://bit.ly/6sdIp
  63. To Follow or not to Follow: Great Article: http://bit.ly/AccgH #twitterhelp #newbie
  64. Using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification with PHP – http://bit.ly/txOWq
  65. Speeding Up Your Website: Optimizing Images – http://bit.ly/HNzGS
  66. 40+ Cool and Creative Pepsi Advertisements – http://bit.ly/13XMLW
  67. Websites We Visit: How They Look Like 10 Years Ago – http://bit.ly/15ABO3
  68. Twitter CEO Evan Williams: at the end this interview for Spiegel Online: the possibility of serving local news to users http://rurl.org/1emi
  69. 10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress http://post.ly/6aA SocialMediaJunkies
  70. A New Definition for SEO: SEO = RESULTS! http://bit.ly/ODlyX
  71. Amazon markets using Twitter http://is.gd/mgVO
  72. Liked “Aside from working FB parties at Pangaea I found SXSW terribly boring. Too many morons promoting their…” http://ff.im/1o6xa
  73. Liked “Great write-up by Amit Agarwal about last week’s Search Masters conference in India: http://bit.ly/THPDwhttp://ff.im/1nyeF
  74. Track earthquake reports on Twitter search: http://tinyurl.com/67sjuo
  75. Designing Your Own Pixelfonts – http://bit.ly/15uEGa
  76. How To Create a Flash XML Slideshow Player – http://bit.ly/E0XGD
  77. Rapper Coolio facing drug charge http://tinyurl.com/aknrf3
  78. Is Good Design Replicable? http://bit.ly/12R27
  79. Social Media Is Like a Buffet Table: Making Your First Plate -Then Going Back for More http://bit.ly/V9JVs
  80. Another Twitter Hack in the Wild – Adult Webcam Site Sends Spam Messages http://bit.ly/199Afw
  81. Children Seriously Affected When Parent Suffers From Depression http://bit.ly/1539Nu
  82. OC woman turns 107. Just a life full of love, golf, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy & screwdrivers. http://twurl.nl/3xmuxh
  83. WebUI’s: Are They Worth the Trouble? http://tinyurl.com/cryalr
  84. Anger at work ‘good for career’ http://tinyurl.com/clpbr2
  85. “I think there’s always going to be haters. But it might eliminate some of them.” – Lional Dalton http://ow.ly/HTJ
  86. Sky CSS Tool http://tinyurl.com/aax3du
  87. Cutest thing I’ve seen all day.. a comic version of World War 2: http://is.gd/lElT
  88. Wow @sjamesu has created Rucksack, a Backpack-a-like in Rails (open source too). Check it out: http://github.com/jamesu/rucksack
  89. http://bit.ly/44eixB – Shocked to find Birmingham mentioned amongst all that high tech Japanese stuff, way to go B’ham!
  90. Checked in at SAS Radisson in Leeds. Very nice! #thinkvisibility http://twitpic.com/1wkfq
  91. Welcome to the Hive Mind; Learn How to Search Twitter http://twurl.nl/iz0aw4
  92. 56% of Americans are socialist-commie-Marxist-Maoists http://tinyurl.com/dgq7fl
  93. Vertical Centering With #CSS http://bit.ly/11yKdX
  94. Installing the ADT plugin for Eclipse Ganymede Android Development http://bit.ly/TjtEs
  95. How to Be Jason Bourne: Multiple Passports, Swiss Banking, and Crossing Borders http://tinyurl.com/ckt9ee
  96. Measuring What Really Works on Twitter: Post Timing and Headlines http://tinyurl.com/cmjnxg
  97. How twitter can help at work! http://tinyurl.com/3ow59o
  98. Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners http://tinyurl.com/ddo3wn
  99. Whatcha Doing? Twitter, Other Status Tools on Rise http://tinyurl.com/bgo7sm
  100. Six Ways to Make Twitter Useful http://tinyurl.com/cowjc9
  101. How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You – 5 Tips http://tinyurl.com/dx2l7h

Many thanks to all those who helped me get twitter => @dollars5 @Minervity @iamkhayyam @debasispradhan #followfriday @scobleizer @imjustcreative and many more…

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