Moving over to NetBeans!

Judging from this screenshot take a guess why I am moving over to the NetBeans IDE, and really soon! Scite is great to get started but is really painful when you start working with lots of files. It just comes bundled with the Ruby Installer so it’s **convenient to use.

Scite Editor

Check out the some of what other people are using over at The Web Builder Zone.

Does anyone have anymore suggestions?

3 Comments Moving over to NetBeans!

  1. Craig

    I really like Aptana RadRails. As I moved into Ruby and Rails work, I tried a few sample projects in RadRails, TextMate, NetBeans 6.5, and IntelliJ . For me, the Eclipse-based RadRails was the clear winner.

    I have used Eclipse extensively as my daily IDE for nearly 4 years and not having to learn another base IDE was part of the decision. Additionally, I am very fond of Aptana’s JavaScript, CSS, and HTML editors, all of which integrate perfectly with RadRails (I really like code hints for Ruby, Rails, and HTML all within an RHTML/ERB file!).

    For those who are decide on RadRails, Packt Publishing has an incredibly helpful and well-written book on Aptana RadRails — proceeds of all book sales go towards the development of the community (free) edition of RadRails. I just read it last week and got some really nice tips on RadRails and Eclipse itself. Worth a look if you’re working with RadRails.

  2. Jan Seidl

    Well, at my linux box I combine a set of tools as my “IDE”:

    – screen: to have my terminal session persistent
    – vim: best editor I ever seen since you have a set of commands to help navigate and do the actions, macro support and split windows support, what lacked on gedit.
    – svn: to synch my repos
    – Carcass’ Swansong album: to keep the work fun!


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