Flash Player 10 (BETA) Release

On the 15th of May Adobe released the beta version of the Flash Player 10 code named “Astro”. I’m excited about this release as it offers many new and improved features. You can download it here.


Screenshots of some of the new features added and improvements of older features. The features i liked where the support for (a) support for ligatures (b) vertical text and (c) easy integration of 3D capabilities.




Other features to note is advanced support for text since the Flash Adobe Player team and Product manager Justin Everett-Church have built up the text engine from ground up. You can take a device font and style it while adding filters to it as well. The features i liked the best was multi column support for text fields and especially the fact that you can create custom components extending the already built in ones.

Another awesome feature is support for RTMFP and P2P.

There has been a lot of great excitement around RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol), especially because of the peer to peer (P2P) communication that is enabled in Flash Player 10 beta. This is a natural time to speculate about what cool applications you will build with new technology, so I’d like to give you some more information for you to work with.

Since I have been frequently been asked about details on this, a frequently asked questions format somehow seemed appropriate ;). For those that want to start working with RTMFP, make sure to read to the end, there is a goody for you!

You may read more about it here on Justin’s blog, or watch some of the video demos listed below:

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